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News : Umberto CIB & CIE & RoCH! Red BISB! Silver BOB Baby!
dn. 2014-06-09 14:20:00 (4346 odsłon)

Super results of Umberto and the youngest generation of Fala Love'a...

Umberto Fala Love'a finished in a great style titles:INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION (C.I.B) and INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION (C.I.E.), as well as Romania Champion getting 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and 3 x Best Of Breed & Best In Group 2 at the shows in Romania (Sibiu)! Huge thank you for Umberto's professional handler Florentyna Matura!


Also the youngest generation of Fala Love'a (boys out of Ulala & Parker) did super at the shows in Europe!
Never Forget Me Fala Love'a "Silver" - wins another Best Of Breed Baby in Spain!  Bravo Ana!
Now Or Never Fala Love'a "Red" - gets 3rd in a row BEST IN SHOW BABY title in Russia! Bravo Aleksandr!


Here you can also see an offical photo of BISS GrandCh A Graytsky's A La Fala Love'a "Fala", winning Best In Show (OH) and still waiting for a pic from Best In Specialty Show Fala won on May 25th! 



Fala BIS (OH) Red - BIS Baby  


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