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News : Fala BISS! Red BISP!
dn. 2014-05-29 14:20:00 (4699 odsłon)

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Am GrandCh "Fala"
On May 25th Fala (Maya x Mac) goes BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW!!!
On May 23th Fala gets Owner-Handler BEST IN SHOW!!!!
What a boy he is!!!
Huge congrats to Amy Anderson & Michael Anderson!!!


CH "Pola"  (Boogie x Homer) – CACIB, BOB & Group1 as well as she became new International Show Champion!!!
Madi (Maya x Mac) – CACIB, BOS! Bravo Tomoko Nagata!


BIS CH 'Apple'  (Maya x Mac) – 3rd prize from Water trial!!! Bravo Natalia Antokhina!


Now Or Never Fala Love'a "Red" (Ulala x Parker) - BEST IN SHOW BABY!!!

Never Forger Me Fala Love'a "Silver" (Ulala x Parker) - BOB Baby!


Umberto's kids:
LT: Forest Alive Silver (Umberto x Milla) – Junior BOB and new Lithuanian Junior Champion! Huge congrats Irina Krjuchkova & breeder Alive Silver Weimaraners!!!
Puerto Rico: Fallon Alive Silver (Umbeto x Milla) – two new titles in obedience – CD & Rally Advanced as well as Group1 x 2, Group2 and Group3!!!


On May 27th 2014  4 girls and 3 boys out of Maya and Goose arrived! Serious inquires welcome!



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